Guruphiliac: BREAKING: Is A Kalki Bhagavan Criminal Case About To Crack Open?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

BREAKING: Is A Kalki Bhagavan Criminal Case About To Crack Open?

File under: Gurubusting, Gurus Clockin' Dollars, Satscams and The Siddhi of PR

This just in:
The TRUTH is about to happen. Kalki and Amma and the son Krishna Nemam are about to go to jail.

INTERPOL and the US, India, UK and China are investigating multi country money laundering, fraud, crimes, scams and the evasive tactics of the 3.

Let's see if they can get some "oneness" in a cold jail cell for the next 20 years or so.
Unfortunately, there's no way to verify this anonymous comment, so have your salt handy. This could even be bait for us, which we've just willingly swallowed, hook, line and sinker. But damn if that's not a sign of God's love for the world if the Kracki is about to go down as the criminal he's been ever since he first claimed to be a guru.

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At 1/09/2008 10:26 PM, Blogger ananda said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1/10/2008 7:50 AM, Blogger Steven Sashen said...

If this turns out to be true, I'm taking bets on how long after the arrest we'll hear the first salvo from the Oneness front of, "All great saints, revolutionaries, and new ideas are at first attacked."

My bet is on, oh, instantly.

(Which is, of course, not true, and leaves out everything that's attacked that turns out to be pure crap.)

At 1/10/2008 3:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the look on the massage therapist's face when Amma gets outed as an ultranationalist right-wing mobster. guess it'll be time to take a lot of those damn pictures off those hippie altars.

At 1/10/2008 8:29 PM, Blogger ananda said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1/11/2008 6:17 AM, Blogger gregory said...

this will have nothing to do with their innate criminality, and everything to do with if he has crossed (1) a politician, then (2) a police higher up, or (3) reneged on manmool, bhaksheesh, bribe...

he has had charges against him that i know of more the ten years... and still goes on...

this is india, there is no justice system, only a power system, though i should keep quiet, even judges who say that out loud get whacked...

nothing in the india news yet, they love this stuff, no one is sacred, even shankaracharyas... and two years later you find out it was all bogus... they don't care

in fact, i will coin a new tourism phrase, to replace "enchanted india".... "india, the land that doesn't care" followed by, "except about its ego"

no wonder so many avatars are born here, this is where they are needed most

i see one of the commentors here is using the arunachala image.... ananda, are you one of the satsang guys who goes there hoping some of the "authenticity" will rub off?

At 1/11/2008 6:55 AM, Blogger gregory said...

ananda, my apologies, a ramana devotee, there are hardly any in tiruvannamalai anymore, or so it seems in the winter season...

At 1/11/2008 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

gregory said

this will have nothing to do with their innate criminality, and everything to do with if he has crossed (1) a politician, then (2) a police higher up, or (3) reneged on manmool, bhaksheesh, bribe...

Thank you for sharing your insight. You take the discussion to a deeper level of recognition. It gets the brain moving in a clearer rotation of thought process. If this could be applied to a wider scope of events in the world, people may start to see more clearly, just how easily we can be led astray by seeming reports from sources largely recognized as authorities, and their spin. Some truth mixed in, but what is missing, or by omission, is not said.

Many thanks.

At 1/11/2008 11:33 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Yo, people. Those slimy crooks have been taking in millions based on nothing more than superstitious claptrap. Of all the corrupt gurus operating in the world, I see Kalki and Amma as the among the absolute worst. They deserve to be thrown to the crocodiles, let alone serve time in prison for their flimflammery.

At 1/11/2008 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"They deserve to be thrown to the crocodiles, let alone serve time in prison for their flimflammery."

I wouldn't go that far, but I would say that there's a forest hermitage or two where they sleep without shelter that could probably stand to have two more latrine-diggers on hand.

At 1/11/2008 7:52 PM, Blogger gregory said...

nothing in today;s news either.... what is your source?

At 1/11/2008 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

jody said
Yo, people. Those slimy crooks have been taking in millions based on nothing more than superstitious claptrap. Of all the corrupt gurus operating in the world, I see Kalki and Amma as the among the absolute worst. They deserve to be thrown to the crocodiles, let alone serve time in prison for their flimflammery.

1/11/2008 11:33 AM

Hi Jody,

I do not diagree on the corruption. I was commenting on the sharp reality of gregory's insight. Who is really protecting these two and what would it take to have them pull that protection, causing jail time.

The realities of how the world can spin.

At 1/12/2008 8:38 PM, Blogger gregory said...

and now on sunday morning, still no news in the papers or online, usually reporters, most often young and jaded, lol, will jump on something like this...

so far, not

but jody maybe got an email from somebody

there does seem to be a bit less strut in the deeksha boys and girls here this year, the ones who had posters up everywhere last year, they are a bit subdued, lol, maybe because nothing as changed and they know it... hmm... live and learn, it is the only way, and learn for oneself, too... tis why history has war after war, each new generation cannot learn from the past...

blah blah... enjoy

At 1/12/2008 9:13 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

but jody maybe got an email from somebody

It was a comment sent on this post.

At 1/12/2008 9:21 PM, Blogger gregory said...

thanks for that link...

so many levels of weird in this world, east and west

how is winter?

At 1/12/2008 9:28 PM, Blogger gregory said...

just read that post

i think this is why maharishi has not been back to india since 1983, or to america, though i dont know that for sure

sai baba has been said to be the largest earner of foreign bucks in india, but that was before the software boom

it is just like america, if they dont like you, they can find something, often tax stuff, to nail you

but i sense some emotional ring in anonymous's tone... hmm../. we can only wait

if it is as he suggests, for sure it will make the papers

enjoy the weekend, nfl playoffs, i think... lol

here the big cricket news is that an australian accused an indian of racism.. that set them spinning, lol...

At 1/13/2008 6:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just finished reading the email posted by Jody.
It is true. The charlatan godmen and godwomen are mighty Untouchables in India.The masses are so incredibly stupid, you end up feeling maybe such idiots deserve such fraudulent gurus.
There are smoking saints, spitting saints,kicking saints,hugging saints,glaring saints,crawling saints...

At 1/23/2008 11:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check this 2004 investigation in an Indian magazine

At 3/19/2008 5:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are also one of those stupid saints/gurus.amma bhagavan is just a gimmick and just an other piece of shit.till fools live these ppl will exist

At 5/03/2008 12:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

shame on humanity to speak about GOD all bogus idiots will go to hell

At 6/17/2008 3:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi friends,
Lost of money we spend for to see magic show and also we are waisting time to see magic show along with our family. We pay money because how magician making us fool easily.
If in Amma Bhagavan shrimurti (Photo)there is coming Honey, Turmeric, Tears etc...
If people pay for that magic then why you friends are worried. This magic happened in anywhere and any country in absence of Amma and Bhagavan

Don't confuse in God.

In milk there is curd but we can't see.
In air there is Oxigine but we can't see

Whithout pray you can't see GOD.

Somnath Barne (Hadapsar)

At 12/26/2008 1:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel sad for those who are still associated with this cult & those who are joining them newly. Now they have started approaching page3guys as well; Reaching bollywood & filmstars is offcourse a medium for earning bounty. I regret my experience where I was associated blindly for 5 long years from 1995 to 2000 where I saw all the tragic events in my life. (Main reason being the monks & followers told that you need not worship anyother God as he is the sachidananda & the 10th Incarnation of Vishnu; we (our family acted foolish by ignoring our ancestral Gods) (Ancestral Diety etc)). First instance was my father expired, one of my sister became a schizophrenic & another sister of mine got married & separated during this time & my mother lost her vision (right eye) due to a glaucoma but nothing could be done & lastly I also did not have a good job in life where I was longing for the same alongwith my family wellbeing and that was the main reason for coming to this cult; I regret for meeting the people who introduced me to this cult . I with full frustration threw all this photos & anything associated with him on 31st December 2001. I really started see a positive side on my life now. I am really happy to state that I am out of it now & self employed currently owning a company. I request people to not blindly go by words or speech. All the so called “experience” is a bogus. I really really regret those 5 years which I have lost if the same is back I think I can achieve much move in my life.

At 4/18/2009 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

2004 investigation in an Indian magazine

Anybody reading this article post this all over the web for REAL ENLIGHTMENT !

Below is the article if the link doesnt work.

It is necessary for everyone to read this article - GodMAN's son Krishna nemam's greedy empire until THE YEAR 2004. Now it is 2009 imagine how much they must have looted !

Below is the article :


The cult of Kalki is in the spotlight as the self-proclaimed Bhagwan and his family face serious charges of financial mismanagement, raising question marks about its credibility.
Last month, Citilights, an upcoming high-class apartment building firm operating in Bangalore and Chennai, advertised the bhoomi puja for their new venture, a 420-apartment complex in Mogappair, Chennai. Interested buyers were told that the project was getting the most auspicious beginning since the bhoomi puja would be done by-hold your breath-God.
Then there was a last minute change. Kalki Bhagwan, the self-proclaimed God among India's godmen, didn't conduct the puja. Citilights, believed to be the Indian wing of the Los Angeles-based Advanced Development & Investments Inc (ADI), called off even the press conference scheduled to announce the project. What happened in between was an investigation by India Today into the business links of the Kalki family. The probe, a follow-up of a story that this magazine carried ("Cult in Crisis", June 17, 2002), also stumbled upon alleged links between the Kalki family and Ajit Mithaiwala, an international businessman, who happens to be the managing director of ADI.
When repeated requests for personal interviews with Kalki and his businessman-son N.K.V. Krishna were turned down, India Today sent questionnaires to them. The Kalki family's response came in the form of an injunction petition in the Bombay High Court seeking to stall this story. The court upheld India Today's right to publish the story. And here is the story.
Controversy is nothing new to V. Vijayakumar, a former clerk with the LIC, who proclaimed himself as Kalki, the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, in 1989. Vijayakumar, who called himself Bhagwan, shared his halo of divinity with his wife Padmavathi by bestowing upon her the title of Bhagwati. The setting was just right when the "holy" couple's only son Krishna took to an array of businesses. The cult floated several trusts in the name of spiritualism and rural development and collected crores of rupees.
The Income Tax Department granted tax exemptions to these trusts under Section 12 AA and 80 G of the Income Tax Act.
Stories of miracles, theories of nirvana and flow of money saw the Kalki cult's high-rise in the spiritual supermarket. Serious allegations against the Kalki cult came out in December 2002, following the publication of the story in India Today, when social activist Vishwanath Swami initiated a PIL in the Madras High Court. Swami, who worked with Vijayakumar in a school in Rajupeta village of Andhra Pradesh in the mid-1980s and has known him for two decades, appealed for investigations into the affairs of Vijayakumar and his relatives and their trusts under the IPC, Income Tax Act and Foreign Contributions Regulations Act (FCRA).
The Madras High Court, in its order dated September 8, 2003, dismissed the petition, saying "the authorities are alive to the situation and it is for them to take further action". Swami approached the Supreme Court of India, which while dismissing the petition said the petitioner could again approach the Madras High Court.
With a collection of "new evidences", Swami is all set for another round of legal battle, which could put the Kalki cult in a spot again.
"My questions are simple," says Swami. "Where does all the money collected by the Kalki trusts go? Why is it that not a single house has been constructed for the poor when crores of rupees are collected by these trusts in the name of rural housing? How does Krishna's empire expand? A thorough inquiry by cbi and it officials will reveal the answers."
Villagers of Rajupeta and Varadaiahpalem (two Kalki bases) have given sworn affidavits that the Kalki trusts have done no rural development despite collecting huge donations.
The Kalki Trust for Rural Service, which enjoys tax exemption, showed receipts-and payments-of more than Rs 1.4 crore in 2001-2. Of the payments, only a little more than Rs 5.5 lakh is mentioned to be for rural services, while more than Rs 2.3 lakh was shown as telephone expenses. Says V. Bhaskar, a resident of Govardhanapuram village in Varadaiahpalem: "He (Kalki) has been collecting huge funds, but he has not constructed even a single house or a hospital or a school for the rural poor. We reliably learnt that all the funds collected by Kalki under the pretext of rural development is being misused and misappropriated by him and his associates." Bhaskar's ire is understandable, for he sees the multi-crore rupee Golden City coming up in his neighbourhood as the headquarters of the Kalki cult.
Documents available with India Today show that the earnings of Kalki, his son Krishna and daughter-in-law K. Preetha have indeed gone up. Preetha, who first filed her income tax returns for the year 1993-94, had then shown an income of Rs 42,731. For the assessment year 2002-3, she has shown an income of Rs 66,000 as salary and another Rs 2,81,000 as agricultural income.
As on March 2003, Preetha owned a residential property in Chennai, 14 plots of agricultural land spread over 36 acres and an urban land of 4,815 sq ft. She also owned two lorries, 1,012 g of gold valued at Rs 4,31,112 and eight carats of diamond valued at Rs 96,000, besides 9 kg of silver worth Rs 70,875.
Krishna, who was first assessed for income tax in 1998-99, showed an income of Rs 95,108. When he filed his returns for the year 2002-3, his income had gone up to Rs 4,50,028. As on March 2002, Krishna owned three business ventures and was director of 11 companies, most of them named "Kosmic". He also owns three cars-a Mahindra Ford, a Honda Domani and a Tata Sumo-a lorry and a two-wheeler. His jewellery includes 836 g of gold valued at Rs 3,56,136, six carats of diamond valued at Rs 72,000 and silver articles worth Rs 47,250. He also owns three plots of agricultural land of more than 40 acres and a 4,815-sq ft land in Thiruvanmiyar, Chennai.
Vijayakumar, who showed "nil" income in 2001-2, showed an income of Rs 22,264 as bank interest the next year. While only a full-fledged inquiry by the Income Tax Department would prove or disprove Swami's allegation that Vijayakumar has been pumping in public-donated money into his son's business, at least two documents available with India Today prove that the godman was particularly fond of his son.
Soon after filing his "nil returns" on March 20, 2002, Vijayakumar has written a letter to the Income Tax Officer, Chittoor, on March 26, 2002. It says he had received cash and cheques from his "admirers" during the assessment year, to be utilised for the Public Charitable Trust which was under formation at that time. "Out of this," he says, "Rs 1,80,83,504 was handed over to Sri Bhagavan Seva Trust towards fulfilling its charitable objects, for the purpose of construction of residential accommodations for the Acharyas (his disciples) and also for the benefit of the general public." What the godman didn't say is that Sri Bhagavan Seva Trust comprises just two people-his son Krishna as the managing trustee and his wife Preetha as a trustee. Again, another Rs 22,15,232 was transferred to the same trust the next year. Here, Vijayakumar himself admits that "a sum of Rs 88,98,000 was gifted to my son N.K.V. Krishna, so that he can better utilise this amount for charitable purposes".
If Swami is to be believed, Krishna is not doing charity when he speaks business with Mithaiwala, who promotes the Citilights constructions in Bangalore and Chennai.
Swami says he would produce before a court of law such clinching evidences as audiotapes of conversations between Krishna and Mithaiwala, in which business worth crores of rupees was discussed. Swami also claims to be in possession of documents that show Mithaiwala's daughter Jannki Mithaiwala financially supporting Krishna.
Mithaiwala, to whom India Today spoke over the phone, denied any business links with the Kalki family. "Kalki Bhagwan is my spiritual guru and, like many other services I do, I have supported him," Mithaiwala said.
As for his daughter opening an FCNR account in an Indian bank over which Krishna was allegedly given an overdrawing facility, Mithaiwala would only say, "It is her money. I cannot say what and on whom she spends it for."
On whether he had any direct links with Krishna, Mithaiwala replied that he saw Krishna as a spiritual guide.
Swami, meanwhile, is making serious allegations, including hawala deals between the Kalki family members and international operators. As Vijayakumar and Krishna refuse to reply to India Today's repeated mails and communication, only another legal duel may bring out Kalki's defence.
And that could prove a tiresome effort to the cult, which is fast growing with its oxymoronic USP of materialistic spiritualism.

At 4/18/2009 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Rag to Riches story! THE REAL SLUM DOG MILLIONARE !

Oneness University! Kalki Bhagavan AmmaBhagavan

Once not very long ago in a small village in south india one economically poor man working as a clerk called vijayakumar married a greedy women called padmini from the village.

They were newly married like many human beings very poor but they both had sex a lot of times as there was not much entertainment in those days in villages in India. In those days televisions and computers were not available in India. Even some villages did not have electricity. So the only entertainment for poor villagers was a disturbance free long dark nights with a full sex. In the process due to sex between Vijayakumar and Padmini , Padmini got pregnant like any other human being. She gave birth to a male child. This boy was named Krishna. Later due to a lot of population in India the Congress Government started educating villagers about contraceptives. And also stared distributing contraceptives in villages.

Realising that their family has expanded padmini wanted her husband to make more money and she pestered her husband vijayakumar everyday.

Well vijayakumar was not a very skilled to start an industry. He was worried with his life and his economic condition as he was not even able to afford to shave his beard. He thought of taking Sanyas and wore a red scarf and yellow robe. Some villagers gave him some coins as they usually do in India for the people those who beg in the name of God.

There clicked the idea and vijayakumar started to spread false info to the illiterate villagers that he has powers and that he is God. Then vijayakumar sat with his close family members and planned slowly and built this money making fraud scheme in the name of GOD. He named himself as KalkiBhagavan and fooled for some time. Seeing that only vijayakumar is getting all the attention his wife padmini got angry and furious and stared to fight with her husband KalkiBhagavan. So Kalki Bhagavan spent sleepless nights and after lot of thought decided to make his wife also as Goddess. Then some Dasas called his wife as Amma as usually they call in India and they both sat together to give darshan to foolish people so they became Amma Bhagavan instead of Kalki Bhagavan.

He and his family fooled so many people and ruined many families in the process. Now the Devils son Krishna Gee is trying to expand this evil empire in various disguises and forms and they are still figuring out various means and ways to protect their ill-gotten wealth - the result is many mansions , many lands , many companies and many illegal ways !!!

This is the story of a slum dog becoming a millionare ! Any fool wants to watch this show go a head and shell out your hard earned money as much as you can and devote your entire life for this slum dog!
They will welcome you with smiling faces and folded hands and say NAMASTE GEEEEE !!!!! In return you will not even get dog poop!

At 8/14/2009 7:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

god is there somewhere.he makes his presence kn. instead of commenting on others, why not be productive and useful to one's own self and to others?

At 8/14/2009 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont like people wasting their time. why not do something for your own self, if not for others?

At 3/02/2010 9:57 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

friends in this modern world one can do any thing with a video using many software features like multimedia graphics etc if u see 2012 movie everything seems to be true but it is not actually so so i say videos shown in tv 9 telugu news channel may be of that sort.

At 3/02/2010 9:59 PM, Blogger Unknown said...


At 3/07/2010 2:50 AM, Blogger Kumar Days said...

Who ever want to know about kalki bhagavan. please see this links.

Media is telecasting all the false news. Just watch this link. The monks who are in ashram came to road to tell the news, all the media channels have covered the news. But no body tel catsed in the channels because it is truth. so by this we can understand that tv channels like tv9, maha news want the hipe...

At 3/15/2010 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Krishna, Kalki's son and the (so called) Acharyas that left Kalki have come with a new scheme to make more money. Here it is :

At 3/23/2010 9:26 AM, Blogger Nandakumar said...

Dear Friends,

In spite of all these news, I still see some set of folks still support so called oneness university.

For god sake, don't mix science and spirituality. All these spirituality, astrology, etc cannot become science, simply because science communities such as research universities, scientists have not accepted spirituality as part of it or nether added as part of study curriculum.

As human, we are not much different from other animals in this world except for little more intelligence. Accept this fact and try to be good and do good to people, nature, animals,etc in all possible ways.
To know this basic truth, you dont need a god man to make you self realization, go deep, know god, and all kinds of bullshit justs to reach nimans hospital soon (mental hospital) .


At 3/24/2010 7:05 AM, Blogger Kumar Days said...

First of all I should tell to all, that never kalki has said he is an god man. He just teaches how the man can release his sufferings. Now a days we are disturbed with all the activities uncontrolled of mind and joining mental clinics, For this One University teaches a better technique "SAKSHIBAVA STHITHI" so called "Seeing the thoughts". These all can understand to a man who know what is spirituality.

Some one is telling about science and spirituality. Science discovers new things. By spirituality man discover and traveled him self. So this university doing the same process.

So please comment with knowledge.

At 3/24/2010 7:11 AM, Blogger Kumar Days said...

All the news channels telecast that 59 lakhs of youth from Software, Army, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers etc. had gone through kalki Bhagavan's teachings from One Ness University.

How come 59 lakhs of people trust a person and his teachings.
Think with common sense. how can it be a false, gambling or cheating.

Don't trust channels blindly.. Ask for truth

At 3/24/2010 7:15 AM, Blogger Kumar Days said...

"All great saints, revolutionaries, and new ideas are at first attacked."

At 3/24/2010 7:45 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

nand kumar sir r u able to be happy with ur life ? may be u r, but many r not, So they seek some guidance. if science and spirituality r not going to mix then in future we will see many hiroshima and nagasaki incidents. Many nuclear bombs destroying whole humanity. U one person helping cant change the world. Whole world needs help from extraordinary conciousness. People should move into higher states of conciousness by 2012. If tats not done then earth will be into ashes tis iam not telling but most of the scientists themselves agreed. Oneness is just a phenomenon tat would rise the conciousness of people and push them into states of awareness.

At 3/25/2010 2:29 AM, Anonymous nandu said...

To Everyone,

Just check when this forum started commenting about Oneness movement. For years together someone will be commenting but none of them has been proved. Media is to bring awarness to the people but now Media is the first to pointing the news falsly and spreading it all over.

why no public live comments?
Do you all think government not taken any action?

So many peoples came temple, attended classes, got their own experience and then only accepted. Initially Me too was commenting wrongly after that i got my own experience and accepted.

I am not telling everyone to come temple, but before commenting check is this true or not.


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